We Have A Microphone

Ep3 - We have a Last Word and talk about words

February 10, 2015

Hampton and Michael are joined by Orion Montoya. We drink a Last Word and talk about dictionaries, words, and finally learn how to pronounce lexicography.

Show notes:

Orion Montoya: http://twitter.com/mdcclv

Wordset: http://www.wordset.org/

Wordnik: http://www.wordnik.com/

Wordnet: http://wordnet.princeton.edu/

Wiktionary: http://www.wiktionary.org/

Wikipedia: say it three times into a mirror with the lights out

Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=michael&defid=3622052

BabelNet: http://babelnet.org/

Nick and Nora glasses: http://babelnet.org/synset?word=nick+and+nora&lang=EN&details=1

Richard Maltby: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Maltby,_Jr. ; puzzles for Harper's subscribers at http://harpers.org/author/richardmaltby/ including Orion's not-mentioned-on-the-show favorite http://harpers.org/archive/1998/02/in-a-sense/

Improving Multi-Modal Representations Using Image Dispersion: Why Less is Sometimes More


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